Aggregates for construction and road engineering

Granite mines “Chwałków I” and “Gębczyce” produce aggregates for construction and road engineering.

The offer includes the following fractions:

  • Crushed granite aggregate 0-31,5 mm
  • Crushed granite aggregate 0-63 mm
  • Crushed granite aggregate (key aggregate) 4-31,5 mm
  • Crushed granite aggregate (key aggregate) 8-31,5 mm
  • Crushed granite aggregate (broken stone) 31,5-63 mm
  • Fine aggregate 0-8 mm

Aggregates intended to use in construction and road engineering require compliance with the provisions of the harmonized standards and initial type tests, and constant quality supervision Factory Production Control System and CE Marking.

Our aggregates have the Certificate of Factory Production Control in the “2+” conformity assessment system, whose task is to conduct constant internal control of the products.

Aggregates for road construction, depending on their intended use, should be classified according to one of the applicable standards:

  • PN-EN 13242 “Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials used in building structures and road construction”.
  • PN-EN 13043 “Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface dressings used on roads, airports, and other surfaces intended for traffic”.

These standards define the aggregate’s geometrical, physical, mechanical, and chemical properties and specify the categories of requirements used to assess its quality.

The documents implementing the provisions of the PN-EN 1324 and 13043 standards of use on national roads are the technical requirements of WT-4. They specify the requirements for the aggregates intended for the production of unbound mixes for base layers, pavements made of unbound aggregate, and improved subgrade and are based on the classification in accordance with the PN-EN 12242 standard. However, the requirements for the mixes of unbound aggregates are based on the classification under the PN-EN 13285.

download certificates and declarations of performance

other products

  • Granite grits

    Grits obtained from the Chwałków deposit are characterized by perfect technical and endurance parameters confirmed by systematic examination.

  • Hydro-technical stone

    We produce stone for hydraulic engineering in accordance with the PN-EN 13383-1.

  • Aggregates for construction and road engineering

    Our products are suitable for use in construction and road engineering.

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