Limestone from the Wierzbica mine is a raw material of exceptional quality throughout the country. It can be used as an intermediate for further firing, aggregate, ecological fertilizer, feed additive, limestone filler and sorbent for desulphurization of energy exhaust gases. This fully justifies the extraction of minerals and the processing of rock raw material on the installation for the production of fine-grained limestone products, abbreviated to the milling plant, launched in 2013.

The „Wierzbica” deposit is classified as non-conflict. However, since each economic activity is associated with specific environmental impacts, the EGM company pays due attention to the protection of the environment, including the protection of people and their goods. It should be emphasized that all investments were, are and will be based on a number of scientific, technical and natural studies. They are prepared in subsequent stages and agreed or reviewed by the relevant external institutions, in accordance with the legal procedures for obtaining appropriate permits.

The methods of minimizing the impacts of mineral extraction and processing are characterized below, with particular emphasis on the milling plant, protection of local natural values and reclamation plans. Moreover, the applied and designed technologies ensure efficient use of energy and rational use of water and other raw materials.