Our mission is to deliver products that meet customer expectations. To maintain continuous customer satisfaction, the EGM S.A. company implements Quality Policy and ZKP (factory production control) constituting an element of the quality management system according to the standards specified in 2010 ISO 9001: 2008. Quality contorol is the top priority of every employee and this is guaranteed via a careful division of tasks and responsibilities.

The production process at the Wierzbica Limestone Mine is monitored by our own, in-house laboratory. The factory production control system covers both the raw materials and the evaluation of final products. The quality control of the rock raw material is based on an examination of the chemical composition of drill cuttings and visual assessment of the raw material shots. Quality control of finished products in terms of granulometric parameters and moisture content is based on the assessment of the results of our own tests, performed according to the required scope for the intended use of the product (aggregates for road construction, aggregates for concrete, limestone for industrial purposes, lime fillers) and with the frequency resulting from the ZKP systems (Factory Production Control of Aggregates) and ISO as follows:

– granulometric tests of crushed products are performed according to the standards of the PN-EN 933 Series („Research on the geometric properties of aggregates”);

– tests of moisture content in crushed products are carried out in accordance with PN-EN 1097-5 („Determination of water content by drying in a ventilated oven”);

– study of the grain composition of fertilizing lime, Type 04, includes dry determination of sowing on a sieve with a mesh of 2mm and sieving through such with a mesh of 0.5 mm;

Sieve analyzes of the above-mentioned products are performed via the use of vibrating sifters with sets of control sieve with diameters of 400 mm and 200 mm.

–tests of mill products include dry grain determination using an air sieve and laser analyzer, water content determination using moisture analyzer and whiteness measurement on a spectrophotometer that enables the determination of both the descriptor of all colors (CIE L * a * b *) and the indices of white (WI), yellowness (YI) and brightness (Y Birightness).

The evaluation of other physical and mechanical parameters of aggregates and limestone fillers is based on tests performed in specialized external laboratories.

The chemical composition control of the rock raw material as well as the finished products requiring such tests is based on the evaluation of the measurement results performed with our own X-ray analyzer with energy dispersion, the results of our own analyzes are periodically compared with the results of tests in external laboratories (e.g. by participating in inter-laboratory comparisons). The laboratory manager is: – Magdalena Baran, MSc