The offer includes the following products:

  • Magnesium-free fertilizing carbonate lime, Type 04

This product is obtained by processing Jurassic limestone from the ”Wierzbica” Limestone Mine. The milling plant produces JURASSIC fertilizing lime with the following categories:

  • Fertilizing carbonate lime, variety 04 Jurassic – fraction 0.1-0.4 mm
  • Fertilizing carbonate lime, variety 04 Jurassic – fraction 0-0.09 mm
  • Fertilizing carbonate lime, variety 04 Jurassic – fraction 0.045-0.2 mm

Jurassic fertilizing lime is obtained as a result of mechanical processing (grinding with simultaneous drying and separation) raw material with high CaO content (53% on average).
Due to this processing, fertilizing lime is characterized by exceptional fragmentation, safe operation, and high reactivity and neutralization number.

Fretilizing lime is suitable for a broad spectrum crops in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and specialized horticulture in order to de-acidify the soil and improve its chemical composition.

Features of fertilizing lime:

– 100% natural product, ideal for use in organic farming
– the deacidifying action of JURASSIC lime improves the soil structure and releases nutrients
– owing to the unique fineness and high CaO content, JURASSIC lime is characterized by high reactivity (approx. 100%)

– Potency of crushed fertilizing lime translates into the effect of the oxide lime used in equivalent doses, however, JURASSIC lime is charcterized by its safe effects on the subject soil.

The control of the physical and chemical properties of the fertilizing lime is carried out by the District Chemical and Agricultural Station, which has the required certification competences.

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