Research and Development Centre

We ensure co-operation with a team of qualified specalists and access to the high-tech research technologies. Our activity includes comprehensive research in the field of:

– structural analizes,
– chemical composition,
– granulometry,
– color,
– preparation and many others.

Research and Development Centre offer is adressed to all branches of industry, with particular emphasis on the constructions chemical industry, producers of feed and fertilizers, producers of aggregates and fine-grained mineral products, producers of plastics ect. The special areas of interest of EGM company are mineral mixtures, the compositions of which are based on functional minerals such as calcium carbonate, zeolite and others. Thanks to the modern research methods we are able to analyze a numer of physicochemical parameters of components and ready mixtures, as well as their formulation for specific purpose.

We approach each client individually, which means we help in the selection of research methods to analyze properties of specific type of and in terms of its various applications.